The Super Generation help young people learn and lead more effectively.
7 Step Guide to
Examination Success


Seminars which support the continued
professional development of teachers.

Study skills and leadership seminars
which help young people to
achieve their potential.


Practical guidance on how parents
can support their children in
secondary school.
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suporting our methodology


Seminars which unleash the learning
potential of companies and organisations.


Providing programmes specially geared towards
giving young people and the unemployed the skills
necessary to enter employment, further
study or self-employment.

Study Skills and Youth Leadership Workshops and Seminars

The Super Generation helps students, educators and the wider community to achieve their potential in learning and leadership. This is achieved by delivering edgy, dynamic and fun study skills workshops and leadership seminars with supporting tools which engage all learners. We embed effective study skills techniques in the learner, ensuring they have the tools, strategies and mindset to succeed.

Study and Learning Skills Workshops for Students

If you are looking to improve your students’ study and learning skills – The Super Generation can help. We provide study and learning skills workshops and seminars for students throughout Ireland. Find your favourite study and learning skills workshop.

Continuous Professional Development for Teachers – Seminars and Workshops

Are you looking to organise CPD seminars and workshops for teachers. The Super Generation has a number of CPD seminars for Teachers in Ireland.

The Super Generation Team
We have an experienced team of presenters who have expertise in education and youth work.

Our trainer Raymond Langan, students from Coláiste Pobail Setanta and their guidance counsellor, Sarah Jane Gunn talk about the impact our study skills seminar had on their learning performance and the learning vibe it created within the school community. All our study skills programmes endeavour not just to teach skills but also ignite the attitude, belief and mind-set of success in all the learners.

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The Examcraft Group
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The Examcraft Group
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